Background music in my life!

I think everyone needs a background track, preferably a happy one in their head all day.

And these tracks can be assimilated into our subconscious, I believe.

I have been listening to Ariana Grande- Break Free. It is a very catchy song and I usually start my day with listening to that.

Today, as I was at Court trying to get from one hearing to another, I kept listening to it over and over again.

Like a gentle background tune to my life.

And strangely, I found that a lot of things and people that would have intimidated me before, no longer seemed relevant. I was unafraid and unfazed by everything and anything. Any time a limiting belief started to rear it’s ugly head, I figuratively ‘broke free’ of it.

I also found my perspective about life expanding. Without my limiting beliefs filtering life for me, I was liberated and found a lot more to appreciate about my boss, the courts, the clients and even the opposition. This also happened in a more physical sense as well, as I was suddenly struck by the sights and sounds all around me, which on most days, I would have been oblivious to.

With this kind of a lens, learning new things, observing new things and being open to new things becomes that much easier. And you are able to laugh and laugh and have more energy and generally, have a better day that if there was no background music in my head, just the murmur of ugly doubts.

I had tried earlier to listen to ‘epic’ choral and instrumental music on Youtube at the start of my day, but though it is a beautiful way to start the day, it doesn’t quite stick in my subconscious the way this song did. I think the fact that a song has a tendency to embed itself in your mind can be used as a powerful method of self-affirmations.

With me, singing “I’m stronger than I’ve been before, This is the part when I break free,Cause I can’t resist it no more”” translated into me breaking free on a lot of unexpected subtle levels.

I don’t know about any others, but I am going to spend more time every morning listening to whatever makes me want to dance, or sing. And let the ‘stickiness’ of the song, color my life and make it better.

And maybe, I will even throw in a little jig, for good measure! 😉


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