Today’s Challenge, Should You Choose to Accept….

Today, is going to be a simple day.

I am not chasing anything, there are no lists with check boxes to be ticked off.

There are no “I should..” or “I Could..”, No judgement calls at all.

All that I am going to do today, is to say “Bless You” to everything and everyone.

I woke up in the morning, blessing the day, blessing the wind, air and everything else.

I got a little derailed at about 10 am, which lasted till 11 am. The “I Should…” tried to make an appearance.

Then, I checked in with my positioning system (AKA My BEST FRIEND)

Bless the situation, leave it up to God/The Universe/ Cosmic Energy/ Divine Power/________ (insert name of choice here, go ahead. It makes a difference) and walk away free.

And now, am buzzing again at a happy vibration.

Bless You. Bless You. Bless You.


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