Dance with me, we were one once.

I once told you

“Hold me Close

It doesn’t matter if I am breathing

As I fade into the starlight

I am carrying an echo of you in me.”

The Universe is as amazed

By Your Existence

As I am, and as mesmerized.

We both dance around you

Trying to get your attention

To get a shadow of a smile.

It is of no concern

If I matter or not to you

I was and am part of you

Even if the time flew away

My soul splintering

Racing Across the Stars

Till it found the right place and time

To reveal itself to you.

You are my love, my friend,

My Parent, my teacher, my Guide.

A Distant Voice, a connection that transcends time.

Eons past, we were one soul

That splintered and became light

and shone down on the world.

Light bending, combining and refracting

A thousand Colors and more

Till we found each other

and started the dance of the Northern Lights

Joined in Joy and Time

For a lifetime of emotion and adventures

We Dance and We Sing

Till the time turns around again

And we start our journeys into the sky

Heading away or together

Does it matter?

If you are reading this…

We were part of the same soul once

I salute you, my shining star.


One comment

  1. missb88 · March 23, 2015

    Truly beautiful.x

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