The Comfort and Balance of a Routine

So yesterday, I took everything as it came.

Did not do a single thing, unless I was inspired to or motivated to.

To my surprise I did get a lot done, even without the goals and the timelines.

I finished a half hour of Spanish (15 minutes more than my norm)

Completed a few notices and read a bunch of files (Still less than my usual time)

Worked out, a full hour of yoga

and so on and so forth.

But today I am back to my routines.

I am still getting used to my intuitive living, and there is a comfort in routines.

And I am quite proud of the fact, that I have made a lot of routines I love and treasure.

Woke up ecstatically happy, and in a mood to blow off everything today.

But I recognized that the mood wasn’t entirely natural, or intuitive.

It was a throwback to the days when I would just not do anything, just to shake things up… for others.. to give other people a rude jolt that I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to. That I wasn’t being the Responsible One, the Perfect One, the Good Person, the Reliable One. (Well, at least that was the intention… I do not know if anyone ever really noticed or cared.. hehe.. very childish.)

The feeling of breaking routines and rituals, when done from an intuitive place, will come with no disclaimer or baggage.

The feeling I was getting was more reckless, and more along the lines of “let’s show them all!” with a small voice at the back going… “I think this is a bad idea.. you are going to feel pretty lousy afterwards.”

So I bounced out of bed, and put myself on automatic.

My Yoga Practice is the first thing I do.

So I hit the mat, telling my lazy, reckless self (It is still a self of mine, this reckless voice, just not completely in alignment with the Universe… yet. 🙂 ), that it was to be only for 5 minutes. That was it. Yoga for FIVE minutes.

Well, one pose became another, and before I knew it, it had been 40 minutes. And I did my routine of my 10 minutes meditation after. And I did this, all intuitively and in flow. WOO HOO!!

I was feeling pretty good about everything. More importantly, I was still feeling reckless, but now in alignment with the Universe.

Today, I am going to shake things up. But for me.

Push myself a bit harder, and have a lot more fun. Bring a deeper presence to my day.

Have already done a more challenging routine in yoga today, no longer just a “beginner”.

I needed to stock up on sunscreen and other basics, but found myself dilly dallying about prices, rather that… GET THE ONE I REALLY WANT.

Bitch-slapped my insecurities and changed my frequency regarding abundance, with such speed and intention, that I think my head is still reeling. This has been something I have been working on, but I think I just jumped 3 levels up today with the frequency I am at.

Today, I feel like a gigantic magnet that is calling everything I want my way.

What I am trying to say is… there is great comfort in routines.

That’s why we do them, even the bad ones. So why not use that ingrained element of comfort in routines, to revamp and recreate your life.

Create your own routines, especially the GOOD ones, the ones that bring more presence and consciousness into your life.

For me, they are Yoga and Writing and Meditation, for emergencies the “Take 3 deep breaths when someone says your name” and here is the funny one… dancing like a loon under the shower.

For those moments I am all there, I am in connect with the Universe and I am happy.

While at first, you will have to consciously raise your energy during your rituals.. the interesting thing that will happen, is that with time, these rituals will provide a doorway to being centered. If you are feeling low, just doing the first step of your ritual/routine will start increasing your vibration automatically.

And the more time you GIVE yourself. (yes, no rushing the process, no trying to push through barriers, no wanting everything NOW.), the better you get with being conscious about your whole day.

It is a great way to Center, when you feel that things are spinning out of control, or that you are being pulled along, rather than flowing along. 

There is a huge difference between the feelings. Pulled along can get you into situations that you don’t want, will be embarrassed about the day after, push you too hard too fast, won’t be challenging, more like frightening… you get the drift.

Flowing along, will feel a lot more natural. There will be challenges, but the right kind, the kind that keeps you interested and makes you say “Yeah, I can do this!”, you will do things and say things knowing that you are in alignment with the Universe, so there is no the “day after”.

Create Routines that You Love. That wherever you are, whenever you want, you can create your own portal into a wondrous life. 


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