When you love someone….. believe in them.

I know everyone has someone they love.

Someone you look at and you feel pain.

Because of the pain they are in.

This is when you have to believe.

Believe in them. Believe that they will make it through the dark,

That is why you love them… isn’t it?

Because you love them as you see the strength in them.

Believe in that. That strength and the depth of your love.

Please be careful.

Because there is a thin line, between being the strength

of the person you love.

And the victim of their pain.

All we can do…

Is be the observer and the critic..

The one who sees it from the outside

And keeps them from being pulled apart.

By just being the observer.

The Observer is not weak…nor passive.

You influence the outcome..

By just being there… being you.

So carry on being you.

You influence more than you will ever know.

You change the world…

Just because you breathe

And you love.


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