Following a thread of thought…

It been a pretty good year so far.

I am much fitter and stronger than I was a year ago, I sleep better, I workout at least 5 days a week, I do Yoga, Meditation, I Write, I have developed a positive core, I cook healthy, I have quit eating grains, I have quit sugar. I have come to trust and rely on the Universe a lot lot lot more. Been killing it with my online education. Started keeping a daily Journal, and studying Spanish everyday. I practice Reiki everyday and read good books. I have cut out complaining as much as I can (I still slip up..) Not too shabby…

There have been periods when I was running everyday, doing morning pages, cooking everyday, and weights.. and movies and more… But I let those fade away and pass as I followed my intuition. There will be time.

But I spent today morning beating myself up….

The last few days, I have been out of whack. Totally.

The only thing I could do, was literally… Breathe.

I made it a mental challenge to pay focus to as much of my breathing as I could.

Today, the events that led to the upheaval and angst are drawing to a close.

But there is a lot of energy-physical, mental and emotional that needs to be released.

Ever seen two dogs fight? After they are done, they turn away from the other and shake themselves off. Even Swans and other animals do it.

That is them, releasing the pent up energy.

I think Taylor Swift was right about “Shake it Off”.  😀

As human beings, we are not true to what our selves-physical, emotional, spiritual and mental are asking from us. Rather than releasing the energy we tend to hold on to it till later..

And it sit in us, and ferments, except instead of fine wine, we get rancid, negative and spoiled thinking.

I think it is time for me to release this negative build up… except at this point, I am sitting in a chair, unable to find the mental and physical space to do so just yet.

What I really want to do, is go home and run. Get on the treadmill (it is too hot here to run outside), no shoes, put some music on and run.. till I feel that dull ache and exhaustion in my body.

I haven’t been able to work out the last few days… so my energy and my attitude is all over the place. I must be giving off some kind of aggressive vibes, because almost anyone near me for too long, makes a hasty exit. And I haven’t even looked at them.

Soul Sister is of the opinion it was the Lunar Eclipse… I would say the Looney Eclipse considering how I feel lately.

Weird things happened, that I cannot be sure if real or just dreamed up. And it wasn’t just me experiencing them.

What to do in situations like this…

Just Breathe… Make it through today… And get home and dance to “Shake it Off”.


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