Taking the time..

The new Life Experiment I am trying is Mindful Breathing.

As far as possible I am trying to make sure that I am conscious of every breath I take.

Easier said than done.

I do love getting lost in a good book, or writing in my journal or my blog.

I think the time I am most in tune and conscious of my breath is when I run, or do yoga.

I do like things like Insanity and T25. Excellent programs for the times you want to feel like a beast, or even when you are in a mood to just push your own limits.

But I get lost in the instructions and the music and keeping my knees safe and wondering how the hell I am going to make it through that video alive and how ashamed I am of myself that I cannot keep up… and how long it will take me to get to that fitness level, will my little belly, go completely, including the slight shadow of it that keeps on haunting me…

You get the drift… When I take my attention off my breath and lose focus, then all the noise starts coming in.

So I am slowing things down. I am going to resume my T-25, but with my earphones in. And NO MUSIC.

The advantage of earphones in, is that it cuts the rest of the noise. I probably should do look for ear-plugs actually. But if you wind up the wire of your earphones and clip it up. It works pretty well. Saves me from buying more stuff that is easy to lose.

I am going to take breaks as many time as I need, slow down the intensity, and just really inhabit my body at the time.

I have slowed my whole world down today. Taken a walk really slowly. Drinking water really slowly. Really just focusing on keeping my attention in my breath and letting the Universe or my intuition occupy the space in between and do what it has to. I am keeping all judgement aside and just not resisting anything.

Whatever it is, whatever it may be, whatever it will be… It is All Okay. I am all Okay.

My feet fell asleep as I wrote this and then the pins and needles starting. Rather than stomping my feet and trying to hurry up the departure of the feeling.. I sunk my attention into my breath and the feeling… rather than the discomfort of the feeling.

Turns out my feet can work and walk even with the pins and needles, and the mild tingling left as they depart is actually quite pleasant. Also, it isn’t as bad as my head like to make it. The first worry I have when I get pins and needles is “How am I going to walk/run like this?”

Well… I can walk just fine.. And I wasn’t exactly planning on running in office.

Worry No. 1: Irrelevant and insubstantial. Action Needed: Discard and Forget.

I wonder how many times my mind has brought up these inexplicable, unfounded fears.

As I take the time today and just breath. I hope to cast light on a lot of these fears and find them without substance and merit.

Then, with a smile and a deep fulfilling breath, I shall let these fears go.


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