Working with Reiki

I have been doing reiki for about a year now.
And I don’t believe in the 90 minute timed reiki that we are asked to do.
I believe in daily reiki… Reiki for a few minutes spread through the day.
Without the trappings.  Just simple connection with healing energy, with Divine Universal Force.
I have experimented with chanting mentally during Reiki, with mindfulness with Reiki. Also did the timed Reiki.

I have found that when I am present in the now, conscious of my actions.. that is when Reiki works best for me.
I let my intuition guide me when it comes to Reiki or Chanting or anything else.

The more connection I create with the Source.. the more I find my day in a state of flow.

Today morning I was caught up in so many thoughts and emotions. Feeling a little ill so my egoic self sneakily kept saying, “ah.. just take it easy.. you are allowed to be miserable and complaining and blue for a day.”

Well… no one stopped me from being any of these things anyway. But why would I want to carry on like that?

It’s taking concentrated effort on my part to stay present. But it is worth it. It is worth remembering when I forget that being present brings a feeling of the sublime to my life.

Again.. we are told that becoming present leads to changes in life. And yes, there have been huge changes, more internally than externally.

Less fear, less worry, a deep appreciation of life, more attention to detail, less stress, less rushing, more body awareness…

Ah.. but my egoic self wants more. And it wants it now.

Letting go of desires and wants is hard… especially when that sneaky egoic voice says by being mindful, all I am going to get good at is sitting on a cushion in a state of zen. My ego wants the “big stuff”… amazing job, world renown, money etc etc..the list is never ending. And it sneers at my practice saying “Where are the miracles? You are still getting delayed by others’ shortsightedness, your home is less than ideal, you are still not perfect.”

Breathe through the tightening in my chest.

And jump into the unknown. Surrender to the Universe. Trust in the Greater Good and the Inner Guide’s plan for you.

Trust my Inner Self.

Am sending Reiki not into my physical or mental self anymore. I am Reiking my Spirit, my connect to the Divine Whole.

And suddenly peace comes again, I can feel the protection of a friendly, loving Universe again.

Thank you. I am so grateful to the Universe and all its manifestations. Thank you.



  1. Victoria · April 30, 2015

    Nice post. I agree that Reiki as a daily practice is powerful. So glad I found your blog.

    • strongernow · May 1, 2015

      Thank you so much.

  2. Victoria · May 4, 2015

    Reblogged this on Holistic Healing and Coaching and commented:
    My journey as a Reiki Master began over 20 years ago and I still advocate for daily self Reiki. In fact, I request that all of my Reiki students begin their own journey with 30 days of daily self Reiki treatments. While receiving a full Reiki treatment from a trained practitioner is certainly valuable, I receive so much satisfaction in sharing Reiki with people who want to use it as part of their self care regimen.

    “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” -Maimonides

    I enjoyed this blog post by Srongernow’s Blog and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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