Something I am working on too… Thanks for the guidance.

The Sattvic Life

I come from a long line of extremely stubborn and willful people so to say that I don’t surrender easily (or at all) into things is putting it mildly.

Since having yoga and mediation and Ayurveda introduced into my life I have been actively seeking the way to surrender. It hasn’t been successful.

This is likely because I’ve been trying to force myself to surrender. Stubbornly and willfully. With no success.

I always imagined how my true surrender would go. It would be like Disney meets Kripalu. I would be sitting serenely in a field with butterflies flitting about, deer skipping by, and flowers dancing a merry rainbow of peace and serenity. I would be radiating bliss from my inner core as I sat in peaceful meditation.

No matter how many times I tried to force this peaceful surrender it never happened.

Today for the first time I felt…

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