Identifying Myself Through My Values

So am doing a course on being a more resilient person, or more accurately trying to dissect what makes up a resilient person.

One of the primary things is to identify and work with your cores values.

So here goes:

1. Abundance and Generosity

2. Family and Joy

3. Passion

4. Fun

5. Honesty

6. Being Open Minded/ Expansive Life Condition

7. Travel/ Adventure

8. Cleanliness and Order

9. Logic

10. Balance and Serenity

11. Dedication

12. Doing Good Work

13. Commitment

14. Humor

15. Kindness and Compassion

16. Courage and Strength

17. Love

18. Discipline and Determination

19. Clarity and Capability

20. Concentration and Focus

21. Guidance and Surrender

22. Imagination and Creativity

23. Intuition

24. Learning and Change

25. Solitude and Introspection

26. Vitality and Vivacity

Some of these might actually seem to contradict each other, however I believe people are like diamonds, we all have a lot of facets. Thus, depending on the role I need to play, I will be pulling on that value for it. Some I think of as pairs, as you can see from the list. For me there is no separation between them and they enrich each other.

I like the idea of having a clear idea of my Values, it will help me be more true to who I am. It will work as a Guiding Hand and Force and allow me to live a more authentic life.

What are the values that you will be choosing to express in your life?


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