Becoming a story teller

I have been spending more and more time, rediscovering myths and stories.

Am currently watching Mythic Journeys and it is bringing back the magic that seemed to follow me around as a child.

This may sound strange coming from a person who till recently was so logic-oriented that I could have passed for a droid.

But I am living and breathing and I love myths and stories.

The more I am letting go of ‘conventional logic’… the happier I am.

The more I am letting go of ‘exact truths’ and instead am happy for metaphors, for allowing space for more to happen and more to be.

I have rediscovered the power of stories. The ones in books and the ones I tell myself.

I have been spending time, transmuting my stories.

Releasing the ones I have been holding onto, the ones where I am a ‘martyr’ and my inner qualities are of righteous suffering and insufferable resentment towards others, who I wanted to blame for my suffering. I used to take pride in my greater position in comparison to them, how much more evolved I was, how much more mature…

What a bunch of crock!!!

I don’t want my story to be one of suffering, no matter how noble it might sound. I don’t want my story to be one of separation, where I am condescending and judgmental.

Now, if I do anything for anyone, I want it to be from a place of abundance and genuine love for them. Not just another medal for being ‘good’.

And I want my story to be one of strength and love. Of finding joy. Of looking at life as an adventure and a challenge, rather than one of long suffering and silent endurance.

I want my life to be one of light, I want my story to be along the lines of the myths, of a life well lived and well ended.

I want my story to be one of abiding loving relationships, and new bold amazing experiences. Where with each challenge I grow, rather than endure.

And more than anything, I want to live, such that when I look back, my life does feel like a fairy tale, of wonders and triumphs.

My life is a story of each moment, strung together till it forms a seemingly unbroken line.

But more than anything, I shall make a choice, to make each and every moment, a story of the light.  Where I choose love over fear… a few moments at a time, one after the other, and tie them together to make a story of a lifetime.


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